Top 5 things to do to quickly build muscle


In order to speed up the process of muscle amplification in bodybuilding, there are some recommendations and tips that persons who practice this sport do not pay attention to, and which, if focused on, will improve the results of the exercise, here are the top 5 things to do to quickly build muscles.


Concentration on the muscle during exercise :

One of the most important factors that affects the quality of the exercise and its results is the focus on the muscle in question, a person must feel the tightness of the muscle while working it out.

A common mistake among bodybuilders is weight lifting regardless of the muscles used during exercise, for example, in leg muscles exercises the person relies on the lower back muscle more than the leg muscles, the bodybuilder then needs to focus on the leg muscles to be the one that tightens during the exercise, and to avoid serious injuries such as cartilage slide in the muscles of the lower back.

Increasing weights and repeating the exercise :

Stabilizing the weights in the exercise and not repeating it will stabilize the size of the muscles after a period, because the muscle will get used to the effort made, There are three solutions to this problem, namely :

  • Increasing the amount of weights during exercise with a fixed number of iterations.
  • Increasing the number of duplicates with stable amount of weights.
  • Increasing the amount of weights and the number of duplicates also; this is the best solution to this problem.

It is advisable to warn against resorting to these solutions only if the person is able  to avoid severe injuries, such as cartilage glands, muscle rupture, joint dislocation.


Increasing the amount of protein intake daily :

Protein is the essential nutrient for muscle building. It contains the essential amino acids important to the muscle, any lack of the daily need for a bodybuilder (depending on the person’s weight) will lead to the destruction of fibers without rebuilding them, thus the muscles will not swell up even with exercise

Protein amounts can be increased by consuming Protein-rich foods, such as eggs, meat of all kinds, cheeses (preferably low-fat), or by industrial protein products.


Increasing sleep hours :

Sleep is the best period in which the body rebuilds the muscles, moreover, sleep relaxes the body and provides energy for the next day, few hours of sleep per day will slow the growth of muscles , and there will not be enough energy to do the exercises properly.


Avoiding harmful habits :

There are many habits that are harmful to the body in general, and that slow down the process of muscle amplification, including :

  • Smoking : Smoking in all its forms significantly weakens circulationof blood and lungs functions.
  • Drinking soft drinks: It leads to osteoporosis and weight gain, soft drinks do contain large amounts of caffeine, which is harmful to the muscles and to the body in general, if taken with considerable proportions.
  • Eating fast foods: they contain large amounts of harmful fats and cholesterol, and therefore will lead to an increase in weight.
  • Steroids: Although they rapidly inflate muscles, there are many side effects to them, such as infertility, imbalance of the body’s hormones. quitting steroids will lead to muscle atrophy and slackness.

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