top 10 easy steps to be confident in yourself and your body 


how can i be confident in myself and my body ?

A question that is in the mind of many, you may be one of them, this is not a shame !!

because we all have flaws we want to get rid of, some, unfortunately, get to a level of total loss of confidence. Here in this article we will show you 10 steps that garantees you confidence in both yourself and you body, just read them carefully :

  1. Do not be attracted to media images

The media sets unrealistic standards for the shape and size of the ideal body. Not everyone is born with consistent and conforming bodies. There is nothing wrong with that actually.

  1. Make yourself surrounded by positive people

You need to know that the people who surround yourself with have a big role in the way you see yourself and others, Support is what everyone needs, it can be gotten through friends, family, and even the Internet community, simply, you need to know who you surround yourself with so that you can find them by your when you need them.

At least follow 3 people who have a positive message on the Internet about anything that interests you, knowing that there are other people thinking the same way you do will be very positive for you.

  1. Invest in yourself

Yes, do not be surprised, investing in yourself means freeing your mind for more positive thoughts and actions, just give your mind a break when you find things go wrong, do not let bad thoughts occupy your head, pamper yourself and make yourself a priority to satisfy.

  1. Deal with those who criticise your body

Many of us may have been subjected to those silly comments about body and shape, or have been subjected to innumerable advices on how to take care of yourself and body, here always ask yourself, what is the value of this person’s opinion ? and who is that who comments on my body ?

People usually criticize because they do not feel confident in themselves, or can not understand the point of view of others, you only need to draw a smile on your face and thank them for their interest. One’s opinion about me has nothing to do with me !!

  1. show the world what you are capable of, take risks

One of the most difficult things that a person who does not trust himself may face is to go out to the world and deal with things that bother him and make him lose confidence in himself, for example the experience of shopping, how many times have you seen a piece of clothing and ignored it because it will not suit you ? or at least this is what you thought !!

In fact, there may be some pieces that do not really fit us, but there is a lot of what suits us but we neverr had the courage to try for lack of confidence, why not run this experience next time ? try it !! it is gonna be fun !!.

  1. do not compare yourself to others

   It is difficult, yes, especially since we constantly compare ourselves to others,  this is one of the most important things that cause you to lose you confidence. but keep this in mind, not all that glitters gold !

Do not you think that what media and social means of show about others is true ? Each of us has his own confrontations with life and we all have our own shortcomings that we try to hide from others.

  1. try a creative thing

   Being a more creative person will give you more confidence, use your imagination and your own way of doing things, do not do what you are not convinced about just because everyone does, unleash your imagination.

  1. Deal with facts and reality

   In other words, conceive the reality or the different situations you are going through, which are difficult to change, just skip it. What happened has happened, and your ongoing thinking of the past or present will only cause you sadness and stress.

You will be more confident when you realize the importance and power of perceiving reality even in situations where you feel powerless.

  1. You are your own enemy

If you stare at something for a long time you will discover its flaws, and if you stare at your body for a long time you will also find defects, while others may not notice them.

It is fine to concentrate on some small flaws that need improvement, but do not criticize yourself for trivial things and make unrealistic expectations about yourself, you will become crazy this way, accept your flaws, everybody does have hiw own flaws.

  1. thank God for his blessing

come on think once again, among the things that you want to change about yourself and your body you sure will find things that you are grateful to God about, you do have advantages a lot of other people do not have, concentrate on them, concentrate on your power points, focus on your potentials.


at the end, dear reader, always before you ask yourself how to be confident in yourself, put in your mind that you are not alone lacking some things, we all do…



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