Carbohydrates types, benefits and sources !



Carbohydrates or starches,  are organic compounds classified within the family of hydrogen hygienic. they taste sweet, so they do enter in the preparation of beverages and various foods, the carbohydrates are different kinds: Fructose, lactose..  in this article we will cite foods containing carbohydrates, their types and benefits.


Food containing carbohydrates

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits, especially those with high fiber content.
  • Cereals, especially oatmeal.
  • Wheat products such as brown rice, brown pasta …
  • Legumes such as: lentils, beans, thermoses etc…
  • Sweet potato.


Types of carbohydrates

Monosaccharides :

  • Glucose: is one of the simplest types of carbohydrates, called blood sugar. It is mainly found in food. The body can collect and provide it by digesting the complex carbohydrates found in various carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and pasta.
  • Fructose : Also called fructose, it is mainly found in honey and fruits, and can be considered as one of the most sweet carbohydrates types.
  • Gilactor : Mainly found in sugar beet, dairy products, it is less sweet than fructose, and glucose.
  • Manos : Or, as it is called carbonic acid, is a type of monocrystalline sugars, and it is characterized by containing a group of alkaline sugars, mainly found in egg whites.


Diaccharides are complex sugars, combined with sucrose sugar, and are characterized by many types:

  • Sucrose: or as called sugar-cane, is mainly composed of fructose, and

glucose, and is decomposed by an enzyme called intestinal sucrose.

  • Lactose: also called milk sugar, it is mainly made of galactose, and glucose, and has a mild sweet taste.
  • Maltose, or so-called barley sugar, consists mainly of glucose, and is stored in the body, especially in the intestines, by an enzyme called maltase.

Complex carbohydrates

Complex sugars that consist of three or more simple sugars and are divided into several sections, including:

  • Starch: It can be obtained from wheat, rice, or various grains.
  • Silicose: It is found mainly in plant leaves and stems. It can be obtained through eating the outer crusts of grains, fruits, or meat tissue. It helps curb appetite, and is therefore recommended for dieters.


Benefits of carbohydrates for the body

  • Carbohydrates are one of the most beneficial nutrients to the brain, and are therefore recommended for people who suffer from Alzheimer.
  • Palliative stress and anxiety, thus help to improve mood.
  • Reduce weight, as recent studies have confirmed that eating a moderate amount of carbohydrates per day maintains the ideal weight of the body.
  • Reduces the possibility of diseases such as: diabetes, and blood pressure; and that is because it does contain fibers in large quantities.
  • Provides the body with energy and vitality, and thus prevent him from idleness and fatigue.